Computer Software Downloads
by Richard Wolton

Earthquake 3D
Watch the latest real-time earthquakes on a spinning 3D globe of the Earth. Monitors earthquakes for the last 7 days. Display options control how the Earthquakes and Earth are shown. With a small program size and a fast Earthquake centric display, this program shows a complete view of worldwide Earthquake activity.
>>> Also available for the iPhone and iPad >>>

Lightspeed Screensaver
Go faster than light with this amazingly amazing screen saver. Take a mind-bending trip through pan-galactic wormholes and hyper-galactic vistas. Fold space and go where no starfield screensaver has gone before. Put the Universe on your desktop with the ultimate starfield screensaver.

4ormulator Vocoder Extreme
Explore wild new sonic kingdoms with this ultimate audio vocoder. Creates amazing new audio effects for Windows applications that support either VST or DirectX plug-ins. Transform any 'normal' sound into mixtures of spectral refections that will delight and amaze you. From ambient alien spaceship sounds to ghosts and monsters, this next generation vocoder is guaranteed to blow you away!

Video Color Toy
Video colorizer (false color generator) for use with Windows video capture devices -- including Web-cams and TV Tuners. From “not so subtle” cartoon enhancements to crazy wild color effects, this software lets you explore a world of video color effects. Turns normal TV into a whole new experience.

Stock Index News Clock
3D Earth shows stock index prices around the world with timezone information and a business headline news ticker. Includes configuration and customization features that allow you to personalized the display. Stock indexes that are shown include: NASDAQ, DJIA, SP500, AMEX, NYSE, FTSE, CAC, IBEX, DAX, BOLSA, BOVESPA, HANG SENG, NIKKEI, and the SENSEX.